Norway, from the summits to the fjords (1/2)

written on October 24, 2015 (last update on February 3, 2016)

Sometimes, you find yourself drinking hot tea with lime at midnight and watching the sun for hours over the sea, resting on a steep summit, surrounded by snowy rocks and vicious cold wind. That day, you know you are in Norway.

Sarek: snow, ice, and wolverines

written on September 2, 2015

My watch indicates 10pm and I am still walking, wrapped in my rain jacket. I start to know the terrain and anticipates the next steps, either on melting snow fields or swamps. Sometimes tiny bushes raise from the swamp and I have to find a way around or try going through them. I am surrounded by vicious mosquitoes, maybe 100 or 200 around me when I stop. It's crazy. I never stop more than ten seconds. I start asking myself why I decided to come here.